What could be causing the Earthquakes in Irving, Texas?

Stop fracking

I just attended a neighborhood meeting this evening and one of the subjects we discussed was our mineral rights with XTO Energy. The gentleman who spoke to us informed us that a Geophysical Survey will be taking place around the middle of February.

A Geophysical Survey is the technology used that reflects sound waves created by ground vibrations to detect and I.D. the structural characteristics of rock formation beneath the surface of the earth. The data collected allows the driller to position wells for maximum production.  A probe that looks like a large turkey thermometer will be put into the ground, according to XTO, the vibration would be no more then (and these are their words) “a trash truck passing by”, seems harmless enough. I asked if the vibrations would annoy the animals in the neighborhood and he assured us it would not. Then I asked about the impact on the environment. We were told that a Geophysical Survey can be compared to an MRI, an image taken of your insides prior to surgery.

Once testing is complete, they determine where the best drilling sites will be and that’s when they would begin drilling. I then asked if fracking could be the reason Irving is having so many earthquakes and he went into this long spill of how fracking is safe and does not affect the environment. Most folks believe that fracking may be the culprit behind the earthquake activity in Irving.

If you read the link below, you will see that we’ve been asking the wrong questions. We ask if fracking is what has been causing these earthquakes and technically it’s not. We need to educate ourselves on how the waste water used in fracking is stored in tanks buried underneath the ground.

According to the article, each well uses about 4.5 million gallons of chemical laced water & sand. When a neighbor asked what kind of chemicals, we were told it could not be revealed due to trademark. And the secrets continue!

So if you want to compare it to surgery, it’s like the doctor pumping contaminated blood into our system. How can that not affect the environment! Mother earth is convulsing on the operating table from the secret chemicals that are more then likely seeping from these tanks.

Knowledge is power! We are the voice for those who cannot speak! I’m sure mother earth does not appreciate anyone poking around inside of her. It’s obvious she’s not happy, she’s starting to shake things up!

This article was reported and researched by StateImpact Texas reporters, Kelly Connelly of KUT News, and David Barer and Yana Skorobogatov of StateImpact Texas and Reporting Texas.