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Is What we are Taught about American History the Truth?! You Decide!

This Ebook written by Judge Dale, a retired federal judge, is an account of history that is not taught in the education system. What we have been indoctrinated to should be questioned as to the “Truth” of our American History. What … Continue reading

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What could be causing the Earthquakes in Irving, Texas?

I just attended a neighborhood meeting this evening and one of the subjects we discussed was our mineral rights with XTO Energy. The gentleman who spoke to us informed us that a Geophysical Survey will be taking place around the … Continue reading

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Watch “Paying Too Much in Property Taxes?” on YouTube

This video gives us a better understanding on how the vultures….I mean IRS, figures our property taxes. Educate yourselves, some may be able to save a little money!

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Time does not wait!

Life is forever changing, time does not wait, a moment passes that cannot be repeated, our lives continually moving towards cessation. Take the life you have been given and do the best you can. Never for a moment take life … Continue reading

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Shift is hitting the fan!

I guess it comes as no surprise to many of  you, the rapid changes occurring around the world, Whew! It can be overwhelming! The entire political system is out of control and is being exposed for the corrupt system it … Continue reading

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